Outdoor Photography magazine.

I just got a copy of this months (september 2012) outdoor photography magazine and am delighted to see my article “10 steps to great street photographs” in print.  Nice too to see how my well my images look in the magazine!  Lots of other great stuff there too!

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23 Responses to Outdoor Photography magazine.

  1. Great article, congratulations!

  2. Yiannitsa Cegarra says:

    Congratulations! I’ll be getting a copy later on today. ;-)

  3. neely wang says:

    Great article, Brian, with lots of helpful tips! I just love street photography as you never know what you’ll get to capture! Congratulations!

  4. xpat92 says:

    Hi Brian,
    Congrats! I have just “skimmed” the surface of street photography. So, this is very welcome.

  5. lynnmedia says:

    This was really nice! Congrats by the way :) Can I repost this? I will link to you..

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  7. Great job! Congratulations!

  8. Congrats on the article.

  9. MikeP says:

    Big congrats on the post… I am slowly working into some means of street pics. I am still a stealth shooter… long lens from across the street :-) Thanks for the tips, very helpful!!

  10. Diana says:

    Hi, nice article and informative blog. I found you through the WordPress Photo of the Week challenge. I have recently purchased my first DSLR and need all the tips I can find. Thanks. Great job.

  11. sandraconner says:

    Hello, Brian. I just discovered you today, via the weekly photo challenge. Your work is captivating — absolutely lovely in every sense. I am not a professional photographer. But I am a news reporter and a graphic designer for a publishing company, and those two jobs naturally require integration of photography into the mix. I love taking pictures, but do so mostly with my ever-faithful, been-through-the-mill digital. My dad was a professional photographer for many years, though, and I have always appreciated the exacting work and the real talent involved in taking great pictures. I am also a great fan of black and white. Thank you for sharing your article about street photography. I am looking forward to reading it and applying some of the advice in my news photos. Loved visiting here, and I’ll try to come back by often.

  12. Thanks for the tips! I’ve always thought for street photography it’s better to use a zoom lens since it allows more freedom (zoom instead of moving physically)… would love to try it out! =D

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