Tuesday’s tip: Long exposures.

Breaking wave, Giants causeway, Ireland.

Smooth reflections, Camargue France.

I am sure you will realise, if you have been following my blog for a while now that I am a fan of long exposure.  It gives water a smooth, beautifully soft,  dreamy look and it improves reflections.  I also love the way it can show the power and energy of water like the top shot of the Giants causeway.  You can use it to blur people, vehicles, anything really.    I recommend that you use a tripod to avoid camera shake.  Choose your time of day, early in the morning around dawn or late in the evening around dusk are good times when the light is low.  During the day you can use a neutral density filter, which cuts down on the amount of light that hits the sensor or film and allows you to open the shutter for longer.

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17 Responses to Tuesday’s tip: Long exposures.

  1. maybrick2001 says:

    What make/model tripod do you use?

  2. niktasmits says:

    I should get over it and start to carry my tripod around a bit more :)

  3. On the causeway picture – I think I’d have loved to have seen a tiny boat on the horizon, just to drag the eye forward into the frame (a few fictitious pixels might do the trick – I know we don’t like doing that sort of thing but ….)
    On the Camargue picture – I think a slightly lower or higher shooting position would have brought the ends of the dead tree away from the horizon where they tend to interfere with it at the moment.
    I share your appreciation of the satin qualities we can achieve by long exposures on water.

  4. Tourism Oxford says:

    It looks cold.

  5. Beautiful! Guess I need to find my tripod.

  6. millar123 says:

    Need to work on my landscape photography, and this is a great way. Just been to Scotland and my shots, decidedly, lack punch. Much improvement neccesary. Anyway, how was the talk-thing you gave the other week?

    • It was good, went down really well. On the Aran Islands at the moment. Reconnaissance for a trip next month and research for an idea I have for next year. Absolutely stunning! Ivan highly recommend it.

      • millar123 says:

        ohh very nice!! Hope we can see some shots! Heading over to Dublin again in September, but with ryanair’s oh-so-helpful attitude, can only fit in my camera with my 50mm, so shall be an interesting time! :D

  7. MikeP says:

    Love long exposures…. not as easy as people think. You still need an exciting comp like yours.

  8. The Aran Islands is somewhere I really want to go and thanks very useful tips

  9. joseyjo says:

    Beautiful photos :)

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