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Well we have been here a week now and are settling in nicely.  The weather has been very kind and the ocean has been as flat as a mill pond.  Absolutely amazing for photography and the contrast could not be … Continue reading

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Empty streets.

In between the end of the winter season, which finishes in April and the start of the summer season in June it gets very quiet in the old town in Briancon.

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A lone sentinel.

On the way in to Briancon there is a single tree, its beautiful and around this time of year early in the morning the field in which its stands is covered in pre-dawn mist created by the icy waters of … Continue reading

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Tuesdays tip. Grab it while you can.

Grab it while you can.  Tomorrow it may be gone.Photo I remember recently when I was photographing in Briancon, seeing a sheet of glass in a shop window that had been cracked.  It was still in the window awaiting replacement … Continue reading

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Au Revoir La France et Merci!

Statue of  victorian mountaineer Edward Whymper looking towards Mont Brison and Barre des Ecrin. As I pack to leave & travel to Ireland this week I look back on my time here in France by looking through some of the images I … Continue reading

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And another thing…

Sunset on the Giants Causeway. And another thing I am really excited about moving back to Ireland for is the chance to spend more time on the North Antrim Coast around the Giants Causeway.  It has so much to offer … Continue reading

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Whale sound.

last year on our journey out west to the Snaefellness peninsula in Iceland we drove around Whale sound.  These are 2 whalers and I swear I saw a white whale out there too!

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Tuesdays tip: Getting close enough.

Today’s piece of advice is about getting close to people to photograph them.  The cliché that is most often misquoted with respect to this is Robert Capa who said “if your photographs are aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough” … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Sky!!

There are lots of things that I am really excited about moving back to Ireland.  One of them is the weather… no really it is!  If you love black and white photography then blue skies are not really the most … Continue reading

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Dublin bay.

The Iconic towers of the pigeon-house power station in Dublin. Well the good news is that the West of Ireland workshop is sold out!  We still have some spaces left on the Dublin trip though!  I believe that the coast … Continue reading

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