The Wild Ireland Experience.


Dun Bristé on the Wild Atlantic Way.

A spring break in Ireland

On the 21st of March next year, at around 1 pm I will be meeting up with 6 fun-loving, enthusiastic, creative photographers in Shannon airport to start a 4 day short creative break – I like to think of it as a creative escape – to photograph the landscape along the Wild Atlantic Way of Counties Clare, Galway and Mayo.  So if you have were lucky enough to receive a Christmas present of a camera and you want to get to grips with it and at the same time fully experience and immerse yourself in one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the world then now is your chance!  The voyage starts on the 21st of March until the 24th of March 2014.

Who is this workshop for?

No matter what level of a photographer you feel you are this course has a lot to offer you.

  • Would you like to experience the beauty of the landscape?
  • Do you sometimes worry about missing that great shot.
  • Do you feel sometimes that your photographs look flat and lack impact?
  • Would you like to move away from auto settings and start shooting in manual?
  • Would you like to feel confident in your photography?
  • Do you find it hard to find the time to practice?

Of course as well as exploring the mountains, lakes and precious bogland, miles and miles of empty beaches, turquoise water, sea cliffs, stone walls, neolithic sites we will have post processing sessions, one to one feedback sessions and we will be staying in the wonderful 3 star historic Renvyle House hotel right in the heart of Connemara.  Right on the Wild Atlantic way and once home to the local Gaelic chieftains, later a  meeting place of poets, writers and artists, it is steeped in the culture of Ireland.

Why not bring your partner?

Would you like to bring your partner? No problem!  We can even advise and arrange other activities like fishing, golf, scuba diving, horse riding and more I can guarantee that while we are out photographing they certainly won’t be bored!

Enjoy mouth-watering food and drink!

I always use Renvyle house when I am working with my clients in Connemara because it is a fantastic location to access the best of this part of the Wild Atlantic Way and it has the friendliest staff with a fantastic restaurant that has a list of international awards as long as my arm, serving the most delicious mouth-watering food.  Imagine sinking a pint of the black stuff at the end of a day spent in the fresh sea air!

Limited availability.

So if you would like to celebrate the arrival of Spring 2014 with me on the Wild Atlantic way, spoil yourself and enjoy the beauty of the landscape of the West of Ireland, enjoy mouth-watering food, meet the friendliest people on the planet, experience a unique landscape, ancient culture and have a chance to take some great photographs home to show your friends and family then this is the trip for you!  It’s a steal too at €750.00 for 3 nights at half board (Dinner + B&B) but places are limited so book your place now by paying your deposit of €200.00 here and see the full details here.  

About briancooney123

HOW I GOT HERE Of course, I wasn’t always a full time photographer. I spent a lot of time in the corporate world. I had a job which paid well, but just didn’t excite me. I remember the day when I had had enough. Enough of selling myself short, enough of dreaming too small, enough of doing what others expected of me. I had put away my dreams and told myself I would get back to them later, but somehow there always seemed to be something else that had to get done first. A friend of mine had recommended I take the NLP Business Practitioners course, and although I was really busy, I decided to do it. During that time, I began to imagine the different paths my life could take from here. While I had a hazy picture of what this other life might look like, I had a clear picture of where my current life was going if I didn’t change. It was a scary moment, a bit like standing on the edge of a cliff deciding whether to jump into the great unknown or stay on the cliff, safe but trapped. I jumped. The transition to the life I wanted was challenging The transition to the life I wanted was challenging but I would never go back. After that day I resolved to do what I love, to follow my bliss.  Picking up a camera after several years away, I found that many things had changed, the digital age had arrived. In the intervening years, I was too busy to pay any attention to my photography, and occasionally when I took something I really liked, I would think “how do some photographs seem so captivating and others leave me completely cold?” I knew this is what I was meant to do Somehow though, I knew this is what I was meant to do. I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about being a photographer. I took many, many courses and I read every book I could get my hands on, I still do. Since then, I have dedicated myself to helping other creative photographers achieve the results they want. And what a journey it has been. Last year I qualified as a coach. My main area of interest is creativity and helping others to express their vision. WHAT I BELIEVE Along the way, I’ve learnt that there are no rules. Experiment, explore, play. My advice is to make your art from your heart, not for the praise or the money.  Lighten up. It’s important to take your photography seriously, but it's a mistake to take yourself too seriously. Finally, you get what you want when you never, ever give up so enjoy every minute of it and just do it!
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  1. This is an awesome composition! Love the lines, just right!

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