Weeding out the good from the not so good.

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A subject that I have thought about often is where can you find ‘good’ photographs?  The subject of what makes a ‘good’ photograph is for another day but for now lets just say its something that might arrest my attention for a couple of seconds even.  There was a time when it seemed to me that the best images were wherever I was not but that was because I was making the mistake of thinking that the ordinary and mundane was not worthy.  The answer I believe is that there are an infinite number of possible great images all around us and I personally go around mentally listing trees, lakes, houses, bits of rubbish, weeds or anything else that I see and that catches my eye for whatever reason.  This is a bot of a habit and sometimes the list gets so long that I have to actually start planning to get to some of those places.  This image above is right outside my studio and I have been looking at the lovely yellow weeds, I think its rape seed, blowing in the wind thinking I must get out there and photograph that before it disappears……So this morning I stopped what I was doing and went out with my camera and an ND filter – I had pre-visualised them blowing in the wind and the way the movement blur gives the image a stormy feel – and I am glad I did!  Also I like to experiment with long exposures for other subjects – not just water.

On the title I chose Weeds  because to some people thats how they see them and also because it is a metaphor for how there is beauty all around us, but we often don’t consider it worthy as a subject.



About briancooney123

HOW I GOT HERE Of course, I wasn’t always a full time photographer. I spent a lot of time in the corporate world. I had a job which paid well, but just didn’t excite me. I remember the day when I had had enough. Enough of selling myself short, enough of dreaming too small, enough of doing what others expected of me. I had put away my dreams and told myself I would get back to them later, but somehow there always seemed to be something else that had to get done first. A friend of mine had recommended I take the NLP Business Practitioners course, and although I was really busy, I decided to do it. During that time, I began to imagine the different paths my life could take from here. While I had a hazy picture of what this other life might look like, I had a clear picture of where my current life was going if I didn’t change. It was a scary moment, a bit like standing on the edge of a cliff deciding whether to jump into the great unknown or stay on the cliff, safe but trapped. I jumped. The transition to the life I wanted was challenging The transition to the life I wanted was challenging but I would never go back. After that day I resolved to do what I love, to follow my bliss.  Picking up a camera after several years away, I found that many things had changed, the digital age had arrived. In the intervening years, I was too busy to pay any attention to my photography, and occasionally when I took something I really liked, I would think “how do some photographs seem so captivating and others leave me completely cold?” I knew this is what I was meant to do Somehow though, I knew this is what I was meant to do. I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about being a photographer. I took many, many courses and I read every book I could get my hands on, I still do. Since then, I have dedicated myself to helping other creative photographers achieve the results they want. And what a journey it has been. Last year I qualified as a coach. My main area of interest is creativity and helping others to express their vision. WHAT I BELIEVE Along the way, I’ve learnt that there are no rules. Experiment, explore, play. My advice is to make your art from your heart, not for the praise or the money.  Lighten up. It’s important to take your photography seriously, but it's a mistake to take yourself too seriously. Finally, you get what you want when you never, ever give up so enjoy every minute of it and just do it!
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