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Opportunity Knocks.

  If your reading this blog post then I need your help.  I have been working on an ongoing documentary project on Knock, Co. Mayo.  It will go on for years and years but above you will see a sample … Continue reading

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Empty streets.

In between the end of the winter season, which finishes in April and the start of the summer season in June it gets very quiet in the old town in Briancon.

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On your bike!

Shot this in Dublin a coupe of weeks ago!  

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Tuesday’s tip. There is no such thing as bad weather.

  What we call bad weather, is actually good weather for any sort of photography.  The amount of times I have gone out with my camera in the pouring rain and come home with a great image are too many … Continue reading

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Normal service will be resumed shortly!

I know its Tuesday and I know I should be posting a tip today but I have just spent the last while finishing a project for my degree course which I am studying with The Open College of the Arts and … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s tip. Ask nicely.

Thinking about what to write about for todays photography tip, I decided to talk about something that is a new experience for me.  There is a well bandied about quotation by the great war photographer Robert Capa that goes something … Continue reading

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Photographing the world on a single day!

Today, May 15th is the day that are asking people to photograph and share their daily life with the world.  Why? they say “Our mission is to use the power of photography to create, share and inspire perspectives on daily … Continue reading

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In praise of Love.

Two different photographs taken in Briancon in the last few weeks inspired by eros!

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Tuesday’s Photography Tip.

I am starting a new series of articles on a Tuesday from today, photography tips.  I hope I can keep it up every week or at least most weeks.  Todays tip is a simple one, read up and research on … Continue reading

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Au revoir Nicholas, beinvenue Francois!

  I went out this morning to see if I could find any evidence of the Presidential election that took place here in France yesterday.  If there was a party, today all of the evidence has been removed.  Now the … Continue reading

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