Workshops and Tours.

We help photographers, photographers of all levels and abilities:

  • Transfer their vision from imagination to realisation.
  • Make great images
  • Discover great locations
  • Get in control, in control of their camera.
  • Choose the right equipment for them.
  • Understand technical terms like aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • See how technique affects the results on their screens and/ or in a print.
  • Create well composed, well exposed, sharp images.
  • Employ tools like filters, photoshop and Lightroom creatively to complete their pictures and speed up their workflow.
  • Discover their own unique style of image making and have confidence in themselves.

We help photographers, photographers of all levels and abilities. 


5 Responses to Workshops and Tours.

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  3. millar123 says:

    I have two questions : 1. when do we need to book this by to ensure a place on the course for Dublin Bay?
    and 2. I’m uncertain at the moment as to where I’ll be at the time of the Dublin Bay course, as I’ve applied to study in Dublin, so may have accomdation. Is there are price without accomodation?


  4. niktasmits says:

    Hi Brian,

    Do you do smaller photo workshops our tours just in the weekend? I live in Dublin and have my own transportation.

    Sadly Ill be travelling over the weekend you are around the Dublin Bay.


    • Hi Nikita
      We can organise a couple of days one to one for you if that suits. We could do something around Dublin, it’s an amazing location and I know the coast very well because I’m a Dub. Or alternatively if you would like to explore the West for a weekend I can do that too. I’ll contact you directly by e-mail over the weekend or early next week and we can talk about what your interested in etc. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment!

      Best Regards


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